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Cassandra is a distributed database management system. It is modeled to be a NoSQL data store, based on key-value pairing system. Highly scalable, it also makes the data highly available with low latency. A big data player with the ability to cater to huge number of users, provide continuous data availability makes it more useful for transactional data processing in comparison to some other big data solutions.

Why sould we learn this course?

You will learn about Big Data, architecture, installation, configuration of Cassandra , appreciate it's democratic design and how it leverages Cassandra  to perform with no single points of failure.Learn all about the Architecture, model, table operations, data operations in Cassandra  in our practical oriented comprehensive course

Course Objectives

  • Introduction to Apache Cassandra 
  • Cassandra  Query Language
  • Understanding the Cassandra  architecture
  • Cassandra environment setup
  • Initialization of cluster
  • Cassandra Security
  • Database internals
  • Cassandra configuration
  • Backing up and restoring data
  • Cassandra tools

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